Pacific Highway roadworks are causing problems for local residents.
Pacific Highway roadworks are causing problems for local residents. Kevin Farmer

'Completely unsafe': 200 cars an hour on back road

MERRY Christmas and Happy New Year?

Not for the New Italy residents or anyone else wanting to travel on this rural road.

Visits from friends and family have been severely curtailed because, for six to eight hours a day, our dirt road has not been safe to drive on.

Highway traffic diverted by Google Maps has been in excess of 200 cars an hour.

Many of the motorists are tailgating and overtaking where it is completely unsafe to do so.

Slowing or moving over for oncoming vehicles is not observed by this hoard of frustrated and impatient motorists. Incidents of road rage are frequent.

After 12 months of lobbying local, state and federal members and the highway patrol, official response is "our hands are tied".

RMS has been stonewalling everyone.

An RMS speed limit review has declared "it is safe to travel at 100km/h on this unsealed, narrow, tree lined road".

Richmond Valley Council is as frustrated as the road users.

It is a miracle there has not been a serious accident.

This situation will be ongoing in every peak traffic period until the completion of the highway upgrade.

Someone needs to address the laws which are tying the hands of those concerned with deaths on rural roads.

Ian O'Driscoll,

New Italy.