Concerns over logging conditions in Cherry Tree State Forest

THE Environment Protection Authority is failing to properly investigate breaches of logging conditions in the Cherry Tree State Forest, the North East Forestry Alliance has said.

The EPA found the Forestry Corporation guilty of "picking" eight vulnerable onion cedars, but it ignored evidence that another 18 plants were affected and that the offences occurred when a logger bulldozed an illegal road through an endangered lowland rainforest, NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh said.

"Since March last year NEFA have repeatedly brought the illegal logging occurring in Cherry Tree State Forest to the attention of both the EPA and the Minister for the Environment Mark Speakman, in the vain hope that they would intervene to stop it," Mr Pugh said.

"The Forestry Corporation are allowed to go on pillaging public forests and destroying the homes of threatened species while the EPA turn a blind eye and their Minister does nothing. The Minister must be held responsible," he said.