Report reveals damage to busy Clarence Valley road
Report reveals damage to busy Clarence Valley road John Gass

Construction boom blamed for 'premature failure'

A REPORT has revealed an unforeseen number of truck movements have caused a break up of the pavement of the only road in and out of Yamba.

The report found a surge in construction around Yamba had created the extra traffic which had damaged Yamba Rd, particularly between Palmers Island and Yamba.

Tuesday's committee meeting rubber stamped the report recommendation, which called for the council to monitor road conditions and seek grants to fund and upgrade Yamba Rd between the Romiaka and Oyster Channel bridges.

Council staff were aware there would be a need for large volumes of fill to be taken onto development sites at Witonga Dr, a sizeable sub-division at the intersection River St and Rocky Laurie Drive, and four subdivisions at Carrs Drive.

"It was not foreseen that this haulage would occur to multiple development sites at the same time," the report read.

"This increase in the axle loading on the road pavement has created a premature failure of the road pavement in some areas, especially in the outer wheel path in the traffic lanes."

Council has divided Yamba Rd into four sections for monitoring purposes and regards the road in two sections, Palmers Island to Romiaka Bridge and Romiaka Bridge to Oyster Channel, as being in poor condition.

The road paving failure has implications for three roundabouts on Yamba Rd at its intersections with Treelands Drive, Carrs Drive and Shores Drive.

"It is envisaged that the filling works to the Carrs Drive area will continue for quite some time which will result in the pavement design of the Carrs Drive and Yamba Road intersection being planned to accommodate increased axle loading early in the pavement life," the report read.

Funding for the three intersections has been earmarked for the 2019-20 budget.

Council staff believe the need to bring forward the Yamba Rd renewal would require council to sacrifice other works to cover the costs of renewing the road to withstand the increased heavy vehicle traffic, but the report has not identified them.

The report said the need for "minor heavy patching" between Palmers Island and the Oyster Channel Bridge would have an impact on the budget.

The committee voted unanimously to recommend the report to the full council.