REALITY STAR: Sam Ball in Married at First Sight Series 6.
REALITY STAR: Sam Ball in Married at First Sight Series 6. Nigel Wright

Controversial MAFS groom's connection to Northern Rivers

IT'A a TV soapy with a coat of reality that has grabbed the nation by the ears and makes us watch the sometimes awkward interactions of a bunch of people that got married the first time they saw each other, and now the Northern Rivers' connection to one of its stars are coming into the limelight.

Although he has been introduced as a tradie from Sydney, Married at First Sight star Sam Ball, 26, has deep connections to the Northern Rivers.

Ball became famous nation-wide after he 'married' Sydney-sider store manager Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Sobinoff.

Let's just say thing have not gone according to plan between them, particularly after he started spending some 'quality time' with brides other than his.

A source from Alphadale's Macadamia Processing Co, Limited confirmed Ball worked for the company in the past 'in the night shift".

Speculation online has been widespread with plenty of Northern Rivers residents commenting about Ball having lived in the area.

Driven and goal-orientated, Sam is described in the MAFS website as someone who "works hard as a rigger and is saving to buy properties. He plans to set himself up for the future to provide for his new wife and their family when the time comes."

"Describing himself as chivalrous and respectful - with cheating his number one deal breaker - he expects the same in return and wants people to take him seriously. This loveable tradie is ready to take the next step, commit and settle down."

  • Married at First Sight Season 6 airs on Channel 9.