A clerical error has helped Matthew John Tatt gain release from jail.
A clerical error has helped Matthew John Tatt gain release from jail.

Convicted choker found with drugs and two diamonds

A CLERICAL error has caused a man caught with drugs and stolen diamonds in his car to be released from prison despite breaching a sentence for "violently choking” a woman.

Matthew John Tatt, 26, was previously jailed for two years and eight months for choking and threatening a Toowoomba woman when he was living in Biloela.

His sentence was suspended, and he was released from prison.

Police pulled Tatt over on September 30, 2018 and found him driving unlicensed and on drugs. Police searched his car and found drugs and drug utensils in the car as well as two diamonds that Tatt could not account for.

He was sent back to jail but due to a mistake on his criminal history he should have been released from prison in January but remained behind bars until Tuesday.

Judge David Reid said those two months were a sufficient punishment for breaching the previous suspended sentence.

Tatt told the court he ran a transport logistics business with his father in Griffith in NSW but had not been able to work due to parole conditions keeping him in Queensland.

Judge Reid said it was "staggering” that Tatt would breach the suspended sentence when he had a job ready for him to return to.

Judge Reid said Tatt's previous offending had been "serious violent offending against a woman”.

"This was absolutely stupid conduct on your part,” he said.

"You were old enough to know better.”

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