RBT'S: Expect to see Queensland Police out in force this holiday season.
RBT'S: Expect to see Queensland Police out in force this holiday season. Adam McCleery

Cops shocked at what they found during RBT

THREE of six drink-drivers caught at the weekend had sober and licenced passengers in their cars.

It's a statistic that appals Sergeant Simon Robinson, of the Mackay Road Policing Unit, who described the results of a three-night stationary RBT operation in Mackay as "disgusting".

"There were only four officers working. To get three drink-drivers in a matter of three hours (on Saturday) is disgusting really," he said.

"I do not understand that if you have someone with you (who wasn't drinking), why are they not driving?"

Sgt Robinson said officers were pleading with Mackay drivers to make the choice not to drive if they had consumed alcohol or drugs.

He said driving while impaired put drivers and other community members at serious risk.

"There are so many avenues to get home," he said. "It only takes a split second to ruin lives."

The number of impaired drivers using Mackay roads was frightening, Sgt Robinson said.

"It is not just on the weekend. (We) get drink-drivers and drug-drivers through the week," he said.

"More than often - once a shift we have a drink-driver or a drug driver, and that is any time of the day.

"We don't want them on the road at any time."

Over the course of the three-night operation, more than 30 infringement notices were issued to drivers ignoring one of the 'fatal five'.

Sgt Robinson said a significant portion of these notices were handed to drivers caught using their mobiles, as well as in cases when passengers were caught not wearing seatbelts.

Drivers can expect to see RBT officers out in force in the lead-up to Easter.

Drink-drivers and drug-drivers will appear before a Magistrate in coming weeks.