Corner of Yamba Road and Treelands Drive, Yamba.
Photo Adam Hourigan / The Daily Examiner
Corner of Yamba Road and Treelands Drive, Yamba. Photo Adam Hourigan / The Daily Examiner Adam Hourigan

Could council backflip on controversial decision?

A RESCISSION motion has been lodged at Clarence Valley Council over the traffic lights for the intersection of Yamba Rd and Treelands Dr, Yamba.

Mayor Jim Simmons said while he hasn't seen the rescission motion, general manager Ashley Lindsay has advised the councillor it's been formally lodged.

"As I understand the situation, there has been a notice of motion lodged to rescind the resolution carried by council that approved in short the installation of traffic lights," Cr Simmons said.

"If that rescission motion is carried, council would be able to consider the low-cost option round about option. I understand this has been part of the motion."

The rescission motion follows a council decision to install traffic lights at the intersection over a large roundabout, which would have cost $3m more.

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Cr Simmons said he was not sure of the circumstances that spurred the rescission motion, but if it was carried, it would give the council the opportunity to debate the small round about.

"The low cost round about option wasn't from my recollection wasn't discussed, and it will provide the opportunity for debate on that and consideration of that option," Cr Simmons said.

There has been a fair amount of community backlash to the decision on Facebook, with community members saying they do not want traffic lights in Yamba.

A petition was started against the traffic lights when the motion first came before council last year.

Clarence Valley Council will hold an extraordinary meeting about the issue on Tuesday next week at the Maclean Council Chambers from 1pm.