2017 Lismore Flood
2017 Lismore Flood

Council set to consider a new flood plan, and more

The Lismore City Council will be meeting for the second last time this year next week to discuss a wide range of topics.

Items scheduled for Tuesday's agenda include:

Draft flood mitigation plan

As the wet summer season is predicted soon, Lismore City Council will be debating its draft flood mitigation plan next week.

Six flood-mitigating ideas have been included in a new Lismore Flood Risk Management Project draft report.

The draft was prepared by Energy Water Management on behalf of Lismore City Council and Rous County Council staff, and was explained to Lismore councillors at a workshop last week.

You can read more about the plan here: DISASTER PLAN: 6 ideas for a flood-safe city


Southern Cross University.
Southern Cross University.


Proposed rezoning of Local Environment Plan.

Council staff are seeking to rezone urban Deferred Matter (DM) land under Lismore Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012.

If approved, this would be the second stage of the council's proposed DM rezoning.

This proposal would require the amendment of 18 LEP 2012 map sheets.

A Gateway Determination under Section 3.33 was issued on 15 August 2019 and has since been on public exhibition.

The council business papers explain the rezoning of urban DM land will assist in the simplification of the current complex circumstances using two LEPs and two Development Control Plans (DCPs).

Those areas to be rezoned include:

•70 urban lots/part lots/part road reserves with a total area of 138ha of DM.

•54 lots/road reserves (91ha of DM) are either owned by Lismore City Council or the Crown and have a DM area with a primary use of environmental conservation or environmental management.

•Southern Cross University owns 7 lots with a total area of 23.5ha of DM.

•Council also consulted with the remaining DM landholders (privately owned) involving 9 lots (24ha of DM) to determine primary use of the land.

Council committees

Councillors will consider whether they need to have a shake-up of who will sit on which committee.

Council staff have flagged several issues with the current standing committees following the resignation of two councillors in August, the extended term of the NSW Local Government elections and a number of committees not having sat for a long time.

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Councillors are expected to vote on who they wish to represent them on those committees, including the District Bush Fire Management Committee, Lismore Floodplain Risk Management Committee and the Northern Rivers Joint Organisation.