Council’s taken my cereal and toast, now it wants my coffee

SO LISMORE City Council is hell-bent on a biased survey. Who drafted this up?

It is poor at best. There is a limitation on outcomes because they are trying to limit the fallout and backlash to this unnecessary rate hike.

Alas their outcomes are suggesting agreement with the proposal.

You also only get 255 characters to say why you don't agree with the variation.

When they make submissions to government departments our area is listed as a low socio economic area, yet the new charges would suggest the residents are cash rich.

Former mayor Jenny Dowell said to me when I discussed this issue previously, "it is only a cup of coffee Peter".

Well Jenny, council has taken my breakfast cereal and my toast, now you want my coffee. They also want to enhance particular areas.

Let's do what councils are there for roads, rubbish, sewerage.

To be fair, we need a general manager that is serious about more bang for the buck. More contracting, less staff, real delivery of service, not pipe dream statements that look good on a CV.

PS: I'm still waiting to get a figure for increased tourism to Lismore for the rainbow pedestrian walk area in Magellan Street, really? Time to visit the real world.

Peter Larsen,

Tuntable Creek.