DUO: Northern Rivers artists Sara Tindley and Ash Bell.
DUO: Northern Rivers artists Sara Tindley and Ash Bell.

Country, comedy, folk, hip-hop ready for show

THE 2018 BCU North Coast National will feature three days of entertainment on the Community Stage.

From school-based bands and theatre during the day through to live circus performers, hip-hop, folk, rock, cabaret, comedy and burlesque, the Community Stage will be the beating heart of the show, with non-stop entertainment throughout the show.

One of the highlights of last year's show was Vincent Mac B, a seven-year-old performer who went up on stage with the Postmortemists.

Vincent Mac B will be performing a couple of songs again this year on Friday night.

After the young artist, Ash Bell and Sara Tindley will jump on stage.

The voices of Bell (Starboard Cannons) and Tindley recently combined for a special EP release, Going Out Clothes.

The collaboration combined Bell's folk Celtic balladry with Tindley's folk country rhythms, forming a timeless folk roots release of tough love and deep humanity.

Having worked closely with one another since 2012, this release marks an exciting chapter in the pairs' musical journey.

In 2017, Tindley released her fourth album, produced by Byron Shire's Nick Didia.

Her work has appeared on Australian television and across radio nationally.

Bell is the former front man and songwriter for contemporary Australiana outfit Starboard Cannons, A festival favourite with two highly acclaimed studio albums.

Another group jumping on stage during the show is The Humans of Lismore, also known as THOL.

The Humans of Lismore is a rock comedy band formed in 2016 by, well, a bunch of Lismore humans.

They are Gruntus Christ on vocals and guitar, Fiddle Bopeep on fiddle and vocals, Mr Chowang on guitar, Killer Jules on bass and vocals, and Dr Fukenstien on drums.

The band is bringing a version of their regular variety show to the North Coast National.

The Community Stage's full line up will include:


  • Blue Cheese in the Middle of the Road
  • Duck
  • Mish Songsmith
  • Mocri$ and the Groove Agents
  • Deepfryer and Triple Nip
  • Teddy Lewis King


  • Luke Vassella
  • Duck
  • Captain Freedom Sessions feat. Jimmy Dowling.
  • Vincent Mac B
  • Sara Tindley and Ash Bell
  • The Line Lockers
  • Two Tears in a Bucket


  • Plenko
  • Jimmy Willing and the Real Gone Hiccups
  • The Humans of Lismore present The Showstopper Cabaret
  • The Border Rangers

For details visit northcoastnational.com.au.