Bar brawl ends badly for couple in Alstonville.
Bar brawl ends badly for couple in Alstonville. Kate O'Neill

Couple fight hotel staff, patrons after alcohol confiscated

AN Alstonville couple who assaulted multiple people at a hotel during a "disturbing” scene have been sentenced.

Jimi Knight and his partner Holly Kerr both appeared before Ballina Local Court on Thursday for sentencing over an incident in June 2018 where they assaulted staff members and patrons at the Federal Hotel in Alstonville after alcohol they'd purchased elsewhere was confiscated.

According to court documents, Knight became aggressive after a staff member placed the alcohol behind the bar. He then threw a glass and intimidated the staff member by pushing him.

While patrons came to assist the staff member, Kerr then tried to intervene as other people calmed Knight down causing her to confront those who were trying to assist the staff member.

When Kerr became aggressive in the process, staff and patrons tried to control her before she hit at them and told one she would "kick you in the nuts".

Knight then tried to assist his partner and continued to attack other patrons and staff members by lashing out at them, even throwing a "haymaker style punch” at people.

The events of that evening saw Knight charged with four counts of common assault, two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, stalk and intimidate intending fear or physical harm, destroy or damage property and affray.

Meanwhile Kerr was charged with three counts of common assault and affray.

After CCTV of the fight was played to the court, Magistrate Karen Stafford said both Knight and Kerr displayed "appalling behaviour”.

Knight, who remains in custody for a separate matter, was sentenced to an aggregate term of imprisonment of 20 months, and will be eligible for parole on May 11, 2020. He was also sentenced for another matter on Thursday, which was factored into the length of his imprisonment.

Kerr was convicted and sentenced to a Community Correction Order for a period of three years.