Tradie won't tell court how he has half a billion dollars

A TEWANTIN tradie could not explain to the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday morning how he acquired a $596 million bank account, with another $1.56 billion worth of property.

Phillip Johnathan Harrison, 29, a carpenter-brick layer, of Tewantin, was charged with seven offences including possession of various drugs including ice and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Sean Francis said Harrison had a "relatively significant quantity" of methamphetamines and MDMA powder when he was intercepted. Police observed some aberrant behaviour and apparent delusional thoughts.

The court heard that Harrison told police that he was worth $12billion and the government was after him when they caught him driving a luxury sports car that he claimed was "given to him".

"It's one of the most bizarre cases I have ever come across," duty solicitor Nick Hanly told Magistrate Anthony Gett who was trying to determine whether Harrison needed a mental health assessment or bail.