Attorney-General courting trouble over divorce fees

FEDERAL Attorney-General George Brandis faces a legal challenge over a hike in divorce fees.

Labor's Moreton MP and family spokesman Graham Perrett filed proceedings in the Federal Court on Friday.

Last week Mr Brandis pushed a regulation through that raised divorce application fees for the Federal Circuit Court from $845 to $1200.

Family Court divorce application fees were lifted from $1195 to $1200.

There was a 225% increase in the cost of a subpoena, up from $55 to $125, and the previously free Family Court amended application process will now cost $125.

Mr Perrett said Senator Brandis sneaked the regulation through after it was initially rejected by the Senate in May.

Maurice Blackburn Law-yers' Rod Hodgson said family court increases would hit families hard.

"This is an important matter that needs to be resolved for Australian families," Mr Hodgson said.