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Crawling injured dad punched in the head

A SON who punched his 54-year-old father in the head multiple times as he crawled on the floor has a 'fractured memory' about the incident, a court has heard.

Liam Connor Barrett, 25, pleaded guilty on Monday in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of assault causing bodily harm and one of wilful damage.

Police prosecutor Jessica King said Barrett entered his father's bedroom at 12.30am on October 27 and started yelling criminal allegations.

She said the victim got up to go to the toilet and Barrett said: "I'll cut your throat" before grabbing him by the throat and swinging the victim to the floor.

Ms King said the victim injured his arm during the assault and was crawling along the floor to get away when Barrett punched him five times in the head.

She said Barrett began crying and bashing the back of his head against a wall which left holes in the structure.

Defence lawyer Joanne Madden said Barrett had been drinking wine all night and was extremely intoxicated.

She said he recalled having an argument with someone else earlier in the night but had a "fractured memory" of the assault on his father.

"He only remembers parts of it," Ms Madden said.

Barrett was on a probation order at the time and had two prior convictions for related offences.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said Barrett's criminal history showed he had a significant problem with alcohol.

He ordered Barrett to a nine-month prison term with immediate parole.

Convictions were also recorded.