2018 Lady of the Carnival Adelaide Zietsch.
2018 Lady of the Carnival Adelaide Zietsch. Adam Hourigan

Creativity shines on our winter race days

A sewing machine, needle and thread are all Adelaide Zietsch needs to prepare for race day.

The face of the 2019 July Carnival said Fashions on the Field was one of a few chances she gets to whip out her sewing machine and create a masterpiece.

Ms Zietsch designed her own outfit last year and hoped to be able to put together something special for Westlawn Black and Gold Race Day this year.

"I am running out of time, which is my usual problem,” she said.

"I have already chosen my millinery so it's just about finding the right fabric. What I am planning on making this year I haven't attempted before so it should be interesting.”

As organisers reconsider some aspects of the carnival this year, Ms Zietsch said the Lady of the Carnival's role was one she hoped would continue as long as the races do.

"This title is not about a single person it is about a whole string of women who enter this competition every year, who are normal everyday women, but for this one carnival they get to dress up and be with like-minded people,” she said.

"It is an opportunity for a woman to be rewarded for the hard work that has gone into just making it to the event - let alone putting effort into an outfit.

"I believe whoever takes over the sponsorship should be applauded because it takes so much time and planning to pull off.”

Ms Zietsch said, while no final decision had been made, she would be honoured to take a seat at the judges' table for a different perspective.

"I would still absolutely love to judge this year, even though I really do love competing,” she said.

"It can be hard sometimes to choose just one winner especially when I am aware of how much time and effort the ladies in Grafton put into their outfits.” - OT