'Criminals with morals' ransack M'boro sports club

MARYBOROUGH softball secretary Vicki Warren is at a loss as to why thieves would leave a note about having morals after stealing and causing damage to the association's canteen.

"They were so generous, leaving the money in the tin, it didn't come to 50 cents," Warren said.

Sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon, a hole was cut into the perimeter fence of the grounds large enough to drive a vehicle through.

The thieves then pried open a metal door, cut around the crim-safe security door locks and gained entry to the canteen.

"It was obviously planned as they had the equipment to get in through our security," Warren said.

Picture: 9 News
Picture: 9 News

After rifling through the canteen, the criminals stole food and property including a public address system from the club.

"They even stole money and an instant casket tree full of tickets that we were using to fundraise," she said.

The club is still conducting a stocktake to establish the full value of what was stolen along with the damaged caused.

"We need to lodge an insurance claim," she said.

Warren urges any member of the public who witnessed or heard anything to contact the Maryborough Police for details.

Picture: 9 News
Picture: 9 News