The crocodile at Willows Golf course
The crocodile at Willows Golf course

IS THIS FOR ME? Giant croc suns itself next to danger sign

Willows Golf and Country Club's resident crocodiles have learnt their place among the course.

After numerous sightings, it is not unusual for players on the North Queensland course to have long and scaly spectators checking out the eagles and birdies.

On Sunday afternoon, however, a golfer came across a large freshwater crocodile perched perfectly by his very own caution sign.

The player said it was not the first time he had seen a crocodile on the course.

"I just took the photo because he was right in front of the sign and I thought it was really ironic," he said. Last year in October, two crocodiles were sighted cruising in the ­waters, one of which had also been sighted six months before.

The club continues to alert all users of the course about its resident "freshie" reptiles which pose no threat to players. But in January 2017, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection wildlife officers removed a 2.3m saltwater crocodile, affectionately dubbed Willow, from the golf course after it caused a hazard for more than a month.

A crocodile trap remains in place at the duck pond near the city breakwater for a crocodile seen swimming from Pallarenda to the Breakwater on January 2.