FIRST ANNIVERSARY: Brent and Lu Crosby with some of the Adem support team.
FIRST ANNIVERSARY: Brent and Lu Crosby with some of the Adem support team. John Mccutcheon

‘We feel that Adem is still here with us’

A YEAR may have passed since Adem Crosby lost his battle with leukemia but his father Brent says he is still right beside him, helping keep his legacy alive.

"I really do feel that he is here," Mr Crosby said on the eve of today's first anniversary of Adem's passing.

"Even though he is not physically with us, he is with us.

"We are so passionate about what we do and he is there doing it with us as well. It is very inspiring."

Team Adem has raised more than $384,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation in the last four years, helping hundreds of people affected by blood cancers.

It was Adem's wish for his family and their supporters in Team Adem to continue the work after his death.

"We are achieving great results and we really do think he is proud," Mr Crosby said.

"Adem asked us if we would continue doing what we were doing with Team Adem and grow and help even more people.

"We know first hand. We know where the money is going and how they (supporters of Team Adem) are helping people.

"We have spent hundreds of hours in oncology (with Adem), so for us it is so easy to be passionate about what we do."

In the 12 months since Adem's death, the team that carries his name has reached some amazing goals.

His final wish was for the Team Adem Blood Donation team to reach 1000 donations in 2013.

It reached 1400 donations, potentially saving 4000 lives.

This year the goal is to reach 2000 donations and save 6000 lives - a goal which seems quite achievable with 1800 donations already collected.

In the 2014 World's Greatest Shave campaign the team raised more than $121,000 with Miranda, Adem's sister, raising $19,000 to shave her head.

In June 2013 - a month after his death - Adem was named the Qld Young Philanthropist of the Year and in October Chancellor State College created the Adem Crosby Excellence in Community Spirit Award.

In December, the Adem Crosby Haematology Nursing Award was launched.

"I didn't think it (Team Adem) would grow this big this fast, but Adem had a way of touching the hearts of people," Mr Crosby said.

"People look at it and think if they can do it and they are doing it through adversity then we can help.

"Like Adem used to say, 'If it wasn't for the people (who had leukemia) before us we wouldn't have got the help we did'.

"There needs to be people like us speaking up to help the people in the future."

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