Dusty Sheil and Zowie Tydeman. Zowie is suffering from Lyme Disease. Photo Contributed
Dusty Sheil and Zowie Tydeman. Zowie is suffering from Lyme Disease. Photo Contributed Contributed

Crowdfunding campaign for chronic complex illness sufferer

THE fiance of a Lismore woman who has been debilitated after contracting a chronic complex disease launched a crowd funding campaign to pay for her treatment.

Dusty Sheil created the gofundme page 'Please help get Zowie treatment on Sunday', and several generous people have already donated $480 of the $25,000 target.

Mr Sheil said when he first met Zowie Tydeman at Byron Bay in 2009 she was 'this bubbly, shimmering light full of energy.'

"You couldn't help but notice her whenever she would walk into a room," he wrote.

In 2012, while pregnant with her third child, Ms Tydeman noticed her right leg had begun to weaken.

"When she would stand on both of her legs would shake making it difficult for her to walk," Mr Sheil wrote.

"Then the never ending head ache started.

"Also the aches and pains in her bones left her feeling as thou she had been run over."

After multiple trips to hospital, Ms Tydeman was sent home with pain killers.

"After weeks of being turned away from the ED her legs started to tingle resulting in her losing complete sensation in both legs leaving her paralysed, hip down," Mr Sheil wrote.

"After spending four months in hospital she lost the use of her bladder, legs and very few test were being conducted."

Doctors then performed a spinal tap and found an unknown bacteria in the fluid of the spine.

Mr Sheil said Zowie was 24 weeks pregnant when she was discharged from hospital and told she had Gillian Bar syndrome, which made her fear for the health of her baby.

"We watched a story on Today Tonight on a young girl the same age as Zowie with exactly the same symptoms and she was suffering from lymes disease," Mr Sheil wrote.

"Zowie's mother begged the hospital to start testing for lymes but they refused saying that lymes disease doesn't exist in Australia."

Following a miscarriage, the regular visits to the hospital began again.

"(Zowie was) presenting with chronic fatigue, bone cramps and muscular pain, an ongoing rash to her palms and chest, nausea, headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, hip, neck and back pain but worst of all her right leg was weakening again," Mr Sheil wrote.

"The combination of these symptoms makes it impossible for her to carry out the simplest of tasks, such as getting out of bed on her own, as she is now wobbly on her legs, feeding, cleaning, dressing and bathing herself is impossible."

After losing faith in the public health system, Mr Sheil said they found a local private specialist to treat Zowie, but this was taking its toll financially.

"Luckily we have found a specialist in the area but his appointments cost a lot due to (the fact) he is a private specialist," Mr Sheil wrote.

"We are financially struggling from the cost of Zowie's vitamins and private specialist who will find the answers.

"As a result we are soon to be without a car which gets Zowie to her appointments."

To donate to Zowie Tydeman's crowd funding appeal visit https://www.gofundme.com/cj6wgz58.