The Bhakti Shakti's Kirtan have been singing together for 8 years.
The Bhakti Shakti's Kirtan have been singing together for 8 years. Amber Gibson

Crystal singing bowls, vibrations help on 'healing journey'

UNLIKE regular live performances, the musicians at Byron Bay Starlight Festival were not focused on entertaining but healing their audience through sound.

The four-day annual festival took place in Bangalow over the weekend offering spiritual growth, enlightenment and the opportunity to expand consciousness through workshops, local practitioners, exhibitors, musicians and healers.

Festival highlight The Bhakti Shakti's Kirtan led by yoga teachers and sound healers Seriya Cutbush and Tanya Wester, performed singing and chanting to heal through sound on Saturday.

"The mantras are used to guide people into a meditative state as opposed to watching the singers as a performance. It's an experiential co-creation,” Ms Cutbush said.

The festival started 23 years ago at the Byron Bay surf club before moving to Bangalow and continues to attract about 2000 locals and tourists throughout the weekend.

Festival organiser Rosie Richards, daughter of festival founder Ryam Richards, has been running Starlight for five years and said it was a space to network and for practitioners and musicians to share their gifts and shine.

This year Kirtan, the singing of devotional songs and sound baths, and deep relaxing meditation through singing bowls were main events.

"Although they are musicians they are taking people on a sound journey,” Ms Richards said.

"They may play crystal singing bowls and the idea is to lay down and receive that sound.

"With singing bowls the vibration of the crystal singing bowls shakes up your crystalline structure in your body and resets it and gives it a vibrational healing.

"With Kirtan we are singing devotion music to honour each other and the community around us and someone you may love dearly.”