DRUG BUST: Father-of-two Joel Wasson, 28.
DRUG BUST: Father-of-two Joel Wasson, 28. contributed

Dad busted selling drugs to cops in undercover sting

A MAN who sold drugs to a police officer through a middle man has avoided jail time, despite committing offences while on probation.

Bundaberg father-of-two Joel Wasson yesterday pleaded guilty in the Bundaberg District Court to both the supply of dangerous drugs to another person and possession of a dangerous drug.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing a glass water pipe and grinder.

It was heard that Wasson, 28, had sold drugs on two occasions through a middle man who delivered it to a law enforcement officer.

On one occasion the quantity of meth was sold for $300.

During a search warrant, police also found 12g of marijuana in his home.

"The criminality is he supplied the drug (using the middle-man)," Crown Prosecutor Lara Soldi told Judge Michael Rackemann.

Wasson's actions were the target of a covert police operation aimed at lowering crime in Bundy last year.

Defence barrister Callan Cassidy told the court of Wasson's drug addiction issues, which had become more severe after the death of his stepfather and a friend several years ago.

Mr Cassidy said his client had previously worked in the telecommunications industry and locally at Luxfield Technology solutions, but since his use of drugs spiked, he had lost work in that industry.

Mr Cassidy said there was signs of promise for Wasson, saying he'd stopped using drugs for six months and had since moved in with his mum.

"His friend died in traumatic circumstances ... essentially in his arms," Mr Cassidy said.

Mr Cassidy said Wasson had been able to gain employment at Austchilli.

"He is not youthful, but still a young man ... if he can get over his drug issues he can be a productive member of society," he said. Judge Rackemann considered Wasson's circumstances before sentencing him to 12 months imprisonment with immediate parole.