Nathan Bradley was convicted in Lismore District Court.
Nathan Bradley was convicted in Lismore District Court.

DAD JAILED: 7 guns, taser, crossbow strewn around shed

A TUNTABLE Falls man has been sentenced for possessing unregistered firearms in his shed, which is located only metres away from where his children sleep.

Nathan Bradley was convicted in Lismore District Court earlier this month for possessing an unregistered pistol, possessing unauthorised firearms and possessing ammunition without a permit.

When police attended the 45-year-old man's property last year for a separate matter they discovered seven firearms, a taser and a crossbow were not stored safely in his shed.

The court heard the firearms had been strewn across benchtops and the floor in the shed, which is where he lived in order to care for his children who lived in the house metres away.

Judge Jeffery McLennan said Bradley, who had a criminal history of firearm possession, should have known what he was doing was illegal.

"The risk to the community or to those individuals themselves were they to stumble into the shed and obtain the guns or play with the guns I would have thought self-evident," Judge McLennan said.

"There were … a number of other people present who had access to the guns … and knowledge to the existence of the guns.

"Mr Bradley was well aware of the rules around gun safety and … he was well aware (his guns weren't stored safely)."

Bradley was given an aggregated sentence of four years, with a two-year non-parole period.