He failed to show for court and spent the drug money on rent. (File)
He failed to show for court and spent the drug money on rent. (File) Martin Kingsley/Cashmoney

Dad jailed after losing job, selling ice to pay rent

A FATHER who failed to turn up to court a month ago for drug offences will spend the festive season in jail.

Former Gympie man Daniel John Grimstone, 28, was sentenced on Wednesday.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Grimstone sold ice in "street-level quantities” after losing his job.

Prosecutors sought a jail sentence of three to five years but acknowledged Grimstone's drug trafficking was low-level.

Grimstone was supposed to be sentenced in early October but didn't show up.

The court heard a warrant to appear was issued last month but, unusually, his bail was not revoked.

He was arrested and spent 44 days in custody before pleading guilty at Wednesday's sentencing.

Justice David Jackson said despite Grimstone's "completely inexplicable failure to appear” last month, there were positive signs for him.

The 28-year-old had family support and defence counsel Joshua Fenton provided "strong and positive evidence” of rehabilitation, the judge said.

Justice Jackson said Grimstone made insignificant profits and used his drug income to pay rent.

He also had a job offer in a concrete and steel fixing role, and employment experience in manual labour.

He was sentenced to three years in jail but given a parole release date of January 15 next year.

Justice Jackson said if Grimstone offended again the punishment "would be nothing like the outcome that's been achieved today”.

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