Mayhem ensues for 'everyone' when the father dabbles in drugs.
Mayhem ensues for 'everyone' when the father dabbles in drugs. monkeybusinessimages

Dad on drugs a 'menace to everyone'

A FATHER "ashamed” of his drug-fuelled crimes will get a chance to redeem himself outside jail before Christmas.

When on drugs, Stanthorpe bricklayer Martin James Kelly was "anti-social, lawless, and a menace to everyone”, a judge said on Friday.

Kelly, 53, pleaded guilty to possessing ice, or methylamphetamine, and more than a dozen other drug and driving charges.

An upshot of the offending was that Kelly had already spent about 11 months in custody.

"You should be ashamed of yourself,” Justice Martin Burns told the father.

"I am,” Kelly replied.

Kelly had criminal records in multiple states, mostly drug-related, the court heard.

He had "dismal prospects of rehabilitation”, prosecutor Ron Swanwick said.

"Well, I don't know about that,” Justice Burns replied.

The judge said despite an "appalling” history, Kelly had shown positive signs lately, including staying off drugs.

"You seem to respond well to supervision,” the judge said.

Kelly nodded.

The court heard police raiding Kelly's Stanthorpe home found about 10 grams of ice, and tick sheets with 17 names.

References in text messages to "moolah” or money were also found.

Defence counsel Damien Gates said an inmate punched Kelly in the face "for unknown reasons” and the bricklayer needed surgery.

Kelly was in protective custody after that, and other inmates falsely accused him of being a "dog”, or informant, Mr Gates added.

Kelly also admitted on Friday to driving under the influence of drugs.

Police accused him of speeding on the New England Highway and driving when his licence was suspended.

Kelly was sentenced to three years in jail and disqualified from driving for two years.

For reasons including time already served, Justice Burns ordered Kelly be eligible for release on parole on December 10.

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