CONVICTED: A Warwick boy hacked into social media and PayPal accounts.
CONVICTED: A Warwick boy hacked into social media and PayPal accounts. DragonImages

DAD'S TORMENT: 'Teenage hacker ripped my family apart'

AN OUTRAGED father who says he will never see his daughter again has slammed the justice system for failing him after the teenage hacker who "tore his family apart" was today released on probation.

Darren, whose full name could not be disclosed in order to protect the identity of his teenage daughter said she "may as well be dead" after fleeing home to escape online torment from a Warwick teenager.

The 18-year-old offender walked out of the Warwick Children's Court today, convicted of more than 20 charges including extortion, fraud, stealing and trespass.

The court heard the teen had recently obtained NDIS funding for a "cocktail" of mental health conditions and his parents had an action plan in place to help ensure he would not re-offend.

But Darren said the boy should have gone to jail.

"This person has literally destroyed my life," he said.

"My daughter had to move interstate to protect herself. It is no different to if she was murdered.

"I am never going to enjoy spending time with her, her kids, her family. That has been taken away from me."

Also a victim, Darren described how the teenager used social media to call him a paedophile.

Darren said he had to change his name and spend more than $6000 when he moved house to escape the death threats he received as result.

"I have had to spend money I had pensioned off - money I don't have - to protect myself otherwise I would have been murdered," he said.

The offender's parents sat across from Darren in the back of the courtroom yesterday morning as Crown prosecutor Stephen Muir described the string of crimes committed by their son between the ages of 15 and 17.

Mr Muir said the boy threatened to rape women on social media, taunted a girl over her father's suicide, hacked people's PayPal accounts and disconnected their phone lines.

He also called the Brisbane City Police Station and posed as a police officer in an attempt to gain access to an iPad he stole from the officer's house.

The court heard the boy also stole an iPod and iPad from Warwick headspace.

He was then banned from the centre where he received treatment for a "cocktail" of mental health conditions including autism spectrum disorder and depression.

Defence barrister David Jones said his 18-year-old client had been bullied and tormented as a child.

He described how the boy's father had been forced to take long-service leave and move to Brisbane with his son when the boy was banned from living in Warwick as part of bail conditions.

Judge Nicole Kefford said the teen found it difficult to comprehend the consequence of his actions as a result of his illness.

But she implored him to take note of the "devastating impact" on Darren and other victims.

The teen looked her in the eye and nodded solemnly as she delivered a sentence of 18 months' probation and ordered his convictions not to be recorded.

Darren said he was disgusted by the outcome.

"The justice system has let me down today. He serves no jail time," Darren said.