Restaurateur-to-alleged drug kingpin’s 'special delivery’

A HIGH-flying Brisbane restaurateur-turned-alleged cocaine kingpin supplied coke from his restaurant by using menu codewords and Uber Eats bags, laundering the drug money by disguising it as food sales, a court has heard.

Daniel Bernard Milos, 41, is ­alleged to have arranged the deal for a buyer to pick up a "full feed" of "ragu" from his restaurant Mariosarti in Toowong - which authorities allege is code for cocaine - in October 2016.

Milos is alleged to have told the man he can try to send "five women" over when the buyer tells Milos that his friend "would like to get loose for the next three hours and that ­involves you, some girls and extra-curricular activities".

Details of Milos's alleged clientele were revealed in phone taps filed in the Supreme Court in Brisbane as part of a successful bid by the state to claw back alleged drug proceeds from Milos.

On November 30, Milos consented to Justice Debra Mullins' order that he pay $128,000 to the State Government within a year.

The figure represents the "total calculable benefit" from Milos allegedly selling 16 ounces of cocaine through a middleman in eight ­"controlled buys" in 2017.

Restaurateur Daniel Milos leaves the Brisbane watchhouse after his arrest
Restaurateur Daniel Milos leaves the Brisbane watchhouse after his arrest

Milos has been charged with money-laundering and cocaine ­trafficking and is due back in court on February 6 for a mention. No trial date has been set.

When Milos was arrested in April last year Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker said it involved one of the state's biggest cocaine investigations.

Police allege Milos, whose younger brother and business partner Peter was bludgeoned to death in Brisbane in 2014, supplied coke from his restaurant - which attracted Brisbane's elite - using Uber Eats bags, and used the eatery to launder his drug money, disguised as food sales.

Milos is alleged to have organised for the buyer to pick up ­cocaine from Mariosarti and to have given him a phone number for Lea Toumpas, the wife of Bandidos boss Anthony, to organise five strippers.

The buyer and the Toumpas have not been charged.

A Facebook picture of Daniel Milos
A Facebook picture of Daniel Milos

Five Mercedes were frozen under proceeds of crime laws along with several houses and apartments around Brisbane after Milos was ­arrested in April last year.

The freezing orders on the cars were later dissolved and he was given the green light to lease out the Mariosarti premises to a new operator.

Milos was the "principal target" of a joint Queensland Police and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission operation, the court heard.

In June, Milos sold the riverside mansion at Fig Tree Pocket he shared with partner Wendy Hartzenberg - where police allege he hid $56,000 of coke in the laundry ­cupboard - for $1.6 million.

Police also allege they found $39,000 worth of cocaine in the front passenger seat of his Mercedes when he was arrested in Mount Gravatt. If he pays the $128,000, freezing orders over $1.5 million worth of assets, including two Breitling watches worth a combined $81,000, the former Toowong premises of Mariosarti, a $675,000 Middle Park home, a $550,000 Sumner Park home and a Toowong property will be dissolved.