The education department does not recommend the wearing of face masks to school.
The education department does not recommend the wearing of face masks to school.

Deadly corona coughing game children are playing

RAPPVILLE mother Connie Gerstenberg is worried about her four children heading back to school next week.

“All of mine are in high school. One in Year 12 has to go back, two in Year 10 that want to finish school this year and head to TAFE have to go back as much as possible and one in Year 8. We’ll see how he goes,” Ms Gerstenberg said.

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“The biggest concern for me is the stupidity of young people playing the corona game.”

The game is about cornering someone, coughing on them, and seeing if they get sick, she said.

“I do not know how teachers and bus drivers will monitor this type of thing, but I seriously hope they can.”

As the staggered return to most school began on Monday, hygiene measures will be in place.

Photos from around the world show children wearing face masks in the classrooms

A NSW Education Department spokesman said masks weren’t required, as per the health advice.

Casino High School principal Neil Schneider said he didn’t think masks would be worn by staff or students as the risk of contracting coronavirus in that community was so low.

“However I would support the decision of any student, staff member or visitor who wished to wear a mask if they saw fit,” he said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged parents to send the children to school and not to keep them at home.

“For those who have been working at home, and sort of overseeing their kids’ learning at home, I think that’s been a real problem. That’s been hard on parents, and I don’t think it’s best for the kids’ education,” the Prime Minister told

Casino’s St Mary’s Catholic College principal Tracy Robinson sent a letter to parents outlining the gradual intake of students.

“Students in Years 7-10 will begin formally transitioning back to school from Monday, May 11,” the letter read.

“In essence, students will be required to be back at school for one day in week 3.

“Having one year group at a time, allows us to maintain some social distancing during this week. Each week, they will be required to be at school for one more day, building up to all students back at school from week 7.”

The college has been rigorous with the cleaning schedule and all surfaces are disinfected during the day, and this includes door handles, railings, desks and chairs, the principal reassured parents.

“We have also provided hand sanitiser for students to use every time they enter a classroom.”

Parent Gloria Tipper said, “If you love your kids keep them home” while Joanne Miller

didn’t believe anyone really had the answers or could guarantee safety and “our precious children are the guinea pigs”.

Tad Langley is happy for his children to return to school.

“Mine went back, you can’t bubble wrap them. But we’ve had no cases in Kyogle. Home schooling doesn’t work for us,” he said.

Parents have been advised not to enter school grounds to collect their children.