Pot Hole Roulette
Pot Hole Roulette

LETTER: Dear Future Leaders - come take a drive with me

RUSSIAN roulette of a different kind is played by rural drivers in Northern Rivers every day: dodging pot holes to save our tyres and their rims from damage. This is a long and ongoing 'whine' you will hear from people who travel the roads in the beautiful areas west of the range, in the Kyogle Local Government area.

Do our political leaders really understand how bad these roads can get, and do they have any understanding of the challenges rural folk face doing the simplest of daily tasks, like taking children to school, going to the Post Office or shopping?

Trucks travel these roads to take precious commodities to markets and some of these are live animals. It is difficult enough for these animals having to spend time standing in a truck, but can you imagine the added stress of being lurched this way and that while the truck navigates around the pot hole mine field.

So what is needed? A commitment to ensure the rural areas are allocated funding to provide maintenance of these roads. And, what a dream it would be to have them upgraded!

Our political leaders need to take a long hard look at this problem, take off the 'promises' coloured glasses and begin allocating some real support to the people that provide food for this country.

I know the populations are lower out here than the city (well come on, they have to be don't they, otherwise where will the food be grown?) and we are tired of having this major issue ignored.

Why, just a small percent of the advertising budget spent during this election campaign would go a long way towards fulfilling this wish.

It is time to help the rural folk to continue to provide healthy food for this great country by looking after the roads we need to drive on.

So I extend this invitation, dear future leaders, come take a drive with me. Let me show you the reality of our world. Let me know where to pick you up.