SHOCKING: Rosie Batty speaks after the Luke Batty inquest.
SHOCKING: Rosie Batty speaks after the Luke Batty inquest. TRACEY NEARMY

Death of Luke Batty ‘could not be predicted’

NOBODY could have predicted Luke Batty's father was going to kill him, an inquest into the 11-year-old boy's death has found.

Luke was killed by his father, 54-year-old Greg Anderson, at a regional cricket ground south-east of Melbourne in February last year.

The shocking act led to his mother Rosie becoming a national campaigner against family violence.

Victorian Coroner Ian Gray on Monday said it was a tragic loss of a young life "full of promise".

He said nobody could have predicted Anderson would kill his son.

Police shot Anderson at the scene and he died in hospital.

Mr Gray said no government agency or person, including Ms Batty, could have foreseen Luke would have been "that rare victim of a violent filicide".

The lack of a psychiatric assessment of Anderson meant no findings could be made about whether he had any mental illness.

Ms Batty said Anderson was never held accountable for his actions, and Justice Grey had told her Luke had "not died in vain".

She said the biggest change needed to reduce family violence was how to intervene with perpetrators to stop the violence.