Deer surprises fishers in suburb

ON a foggy morning on their way to go fishing, Brad Svendsen, his brother and nephew got a shock when they saw something on the road up ahead.

To their surprise it was a deer, but it wasn't travelling along a lonely dirt road outside of town, it was walking down the middle of Alexandra St in North Rockhampton.

"We followed it for about 300m up the road at 10km an hour," Brad said.

"It was just trotting along, right down the middle of the road.

The fisherman stumbled upon the animal wandering on the suburban street about 4.30am last Saturday.

"I've heard of them being around the Nerimbera area, but this one would have had to come from northside."

And on the back of the recent sightings of brumbies in Norman Gardens reported last week, the Rockhampton man said it was a strange sight to see and sent in an SMS to The Bully telling of his experience.

"I just wanted to see if anyone else may have seen them lately. Because it's odd for them to be that close to town."

He said they last saw the deer travelling toward the intersection of Alexandra St and Moores Creek Rd.

"It had antlers about six inches long, the only thing missing was the sleigh."