In The Pink gelato shop Byron Bay will open a second store in Brunswick Heads in July.
In The Pink gelato shop Byron Bay will open a second store in Brunswick Heads in July.

Delicious news: Gelato shop set to open in second location

THANK the gelato gods, because In The Pink is branching out from its Byron Bay flagship store and spreading the love in Brunswick Heads.

In an age when many start-ups look to new technology, owners Glen and Tanya Lawrence turned to tradition for their business and their passion.

In The Pink has been operating and "consistently growing" in Byron for nearly 31 years.

Over this time Mr Lawrence has had five trips to Italy, looking at machinery, and likes to always improve the product.

"Most of the big industry gelato places that you see these days are industrialised gelato," he said.

"It's a much more commercialised produced, and much more stabilised emulsified where you can pile it up high and make it look fantastic but it's not the same.

"We perfect it and change it every time we see a better way of doing it."

Many think gelato is just an Italian name for ice cream, but Mr Lawrence was keen to point out that it is a different product.

The popular business makes "artesian slow-style gelato" - milk, cream and sugar whipped.

"We make gelato which is supposed to be fresh and pure... and you have it within a week.

"It's not supposed to last fresh for a month like ice-cream.

"We buy whatever we can from farmers markets like bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

"We buy whatever is fresh, and the fresh makes the flavour."

It doesn't stop there for In the Pink - they also make up their own chocolate mix for chocolate flavoured gelato, and have been doing so for the last five years.

"We are continually looking and trying to make things better," he said.

"More and more the gelato shop you're seeing everywhere are industrialised. You just see one little machine and you add your milk to your powder and it comes out looking fantastic.

"It tastes nice, but if you have it side by side you can taste the difference."

Mr Lawrence said he'd been looking to open a shop for a long time and Brunswick Heads seemed like the right fit after delivering the product to customers in Brunswick for nearly the whole 30 years.

"It will be a family business forever," he said.

The new shop will also have coffee.

In The Pink plans to open their new gelato shop (in place of Milk Bar) mid July.