Noosa bodybuilder Dianna-Maree Cairns.
Noosa bodybuilder Dianna-Maree Cairns. Dallas Olsen Photography

Dianna-Maree is putting her body on the line

NOOSA bodybuilder Dianna-Maree Cairns is hoping 11 months of dedication towards strict training and food intake will pay on a Los Angeles stage next Sunday, April 13.

The 26-year-old is currently in LA, readying herself to compete in the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Official LA ProAm on Sunday night Australian time.

Di has been spending on average 12 hours a week in the gym to get her body stage-ready to take on the best in the world.

"I've been prepping for basically 11 months, since I won my last show in May on the Gold Coast," she said.

"I had a period of off-season to make some improvements to my physique, but I've been in a cutting or leaning down phase for the last 20 weeks, leading into the show."

When asked what drives her to sacrifice her favourite foods and spend so much time in the gym, Di said her motivation was mostly internal.

"Bettering my physique every time I get on stage is the goal," she said.


Noosa bodybuilder Dianna-Maree Cairns.
DEDICATED TO THE TASK: Noosa bodybuilder Dianna-Maree Cairns. Dallas Olsen Photography

"Knowing I'm the one that's putting in the work and effort is so empowering and that really pushes me.

"As long as I've made improvements and bring better conditioning and an overall package for this stage, I've won."

Di said while the commitment wasn't easy, the end result was worth it.

"The toughest part about competing are the sacrifices you have to make with friends and family on special occasions," she said.

"You can't get stage-ready if you're slipping up on the weekends with a glass of wine or some garlic bread at dinner.

"You're either 100 per cent or it's not worth it."

Di will compete in the Amateur Diva Fitness Model division of the pro am.