Did you buy an Oz Lotto ticket in Townsville? Check it now!

BEEN to Townsville lately? Did you buy an Oz Lotto ticket in Tuesday night's record-breaking draw while you were there?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, stop reading this and check your ticket. Now.

You could be $28 million richer.

One of the four winning tickets in the $100 million draw was purchased in the North Queensland city.

In fact, the division one prize turned out to be almost $112 million, with Australians buying more than eight million tickets in the draw.

Two of the winning entries were sold in Victoria, one in New South Wales and the mystery Queensland ticket.

Because the ticket was unregistered, people who bought tickets in Townsville are being urged to check their entries - and they have 28 million reasons to do so.

In Victoria, a Meadow Heights woman was in a state of disbelief after a Tatts official rang her on Tuesday night to share the news she and her family had won a quarter share of the $112 million.

"Are you serious?" the woman asked several times upon hearing the life changing news.

"If I accidentally hang up, call me back please.

"Oh my God. I can't believe it. We'll be able to set our children up with properties and finally go on the overseas trip I've been hoping for to visit friends of mine.

"I don't drink often but I'll be popping a bottle of champagne now."

The family bought their winning entry online at tatts.com.

Staying in Victoria, a central syndicate of 80 members also shared in the $112 million draw.

Each syndicate member will claim a first division share of almost $350,000, along with additional amounts in divisions two to seven. The central syndicate was operated by Tatts and won their prize with a system entry.

In NSW the winning ticket was actually bought by a Canberra family who was holidaying on the coast.

The father of the family thought he was being pranked when he received the golden phone call from Tatts.

"It's hard to know if you're for real or if one of my family members put you up to this - they'd do that" the man said.

"I've come close to winning a division one prize before, but not quite close enough.

"First of all we'll pay off our mortgage then we'll settle the kids' mortgages. There are some other relatives we'd like to take care of too - they've been good to us. I'll probably have a beer to celebrate.

"Tell you what, I'm glad I answered your phone call tonight. My wife's just come in wondering who I'm talking to - I better go, I have to tell her we won."

In addition to the huge jackpot prize more than 3.5 million prizes were won across Australia in divisions two to seven, sharing in more than $66.5 million.

For the record the winning numbers were 29, 43, 8, 7, 15, 2 and 13, with the supplementary numbers 21 and 20.

Oz Lotto will offer a $2 million division one prize in next week's draw, while there is $20 million up for grabs in Thursday night's Powerball draw.