We finally received a (very) small amount of rain.
We finally received a (very) small amount of rain. John Gass /TWE270112raindrop

Did you get a teeny tiny bit of rain last night?

WE'VE had nothing but warm days and blue skies for weeks now - it almost feels like spring on the Northern Rivers.

But last night, something strange happened.

It rained.

Well, I'm not sure that the six or seven drops we got could actually be classified as "rain", but it was enough to wet the ground and remind us how much we need more. A lot more.

A quick scan of the Bureau of Meteorology data shows that Lismore and Byron Bay managed to record 1mm of rain overnight.

Ballina only scored 0.4mm, but Casino topped the charts with 3mm.

It's clearly not enough.

People who rely on tank water are getting top-ups, while farmers are struggling with the dry weather. Many locals are contributing to the Buy a Bale of Hay campaign, which aims to help farmers get through this drought.

But, unfortunately, that's all the rain we're likely to get this week. 

Temperatures on the Northern Rivers will hover in the mid-20s during the day, but we can expect some frosty nights.