‘Disgraceful’: Police say Ivona left to die

POLICE have slammed a group of people who left a shot woman dying in a Gold Coast home as 'disgraceful'.

The group fled the Highland Park home after Ivona Jovanovic was fatally shot in the chest about 8.30pm Sunday.

She died later at Gold Coast University Hospital.

Her ex-partner, who was allegedly at the house when she was shot, is in custody assisting police with their investigation.

Detective Superintendent Brendan Smith revealed the man was allegedly among a group of people who fled the Renfrew St house as Ms Jovanovic lay dying.

He allegedly fled into bushland and was arrested by police after returning to the house about 1am.

Supt Smith said the conduct of those who left Ms Jovanovic after she had been shot was 'disgraceful'.

"I'm sure of one of them had been injured in that manner they would expect as much assistance as everyone there," he said.

"Whilst they called the ambulance, there's a lot of first-aid that could have been rendered at the time that may or may not have made a difference - we'll never know."

Supt Smith urged those who who were at the house to come forward and "give their versions" of what occurred.

He said Ms Jovanovic's ex-partner has given "a version" of what had happened and police had not ruled out an accident.

He said the two were still friends and police did not think the incident was domestic violence-related at this stage.

The handgun allegedly used in the shooting has not been found.