Crime generic, broken glass, broken window
Crime generic, broken glass, broken window

Dispute between neighbours ends in jail time

A FEUD between neighbours that escalated into violence has ended with one man sentenced to spend at least the next six months behind bars.

Grafton man Michael Sullivan, 20, appeared in Grafton Local Court on Monday after pleading guilty to affray.

According to court documents at around 1pm on October 25 last year the victim in the matter was with her two young children and two other people in their Grafton residence when they heard one of the front windows smash. The police facts say the victim and her eldest child hid in a bedroom in fear, and could hear yelling and abuse coming from the front yard.

The two witnesses, who were in the same house, walked to the front balcony and were pelted with a number of items including the metal covering from the property's letterbox and a box cutter.

The witnesses saw Sullivan, who was the victim's neighbour, and three other co-accused continue to yell abuse.

The police were called and when they arrived saw broken windows and smashed glass at the front of the house.

Another neighbour then gave police mobile phone footage of the incident which showed Sullivan and another man out the front of the house, yelling words to the effect of "c'mon then you f---ing dog, f---ing do it you c---" and an unknown person throwing an object at the house, smashing a window.

One of the co-accused was arrested shortly after, while Sullivan was apprehended a few days later.

In Grafton Local Court on Monday magistrate Kathy Crittenden sentenced Sullivan to 12 months behind bars, with a non-parole period of six months. He will be eligible for release on February 9, 2021.