Byron Shire resident and Australian DJ and dance music icon Stephen Allkins.
Byron Shire resident and Australian DJ and dance music icon Stephen Allkins. Contributed

DJ Love Tattoo celebrates 40 years at My House

I FIRST saw DJ Love Tattoo, Stephen Allkins, at a dark club in Oxford St, Sydney, in the early naughties.

I was a 20-something just-arrived migrant who could not believe the awesome music I was listening to, and the infectious smile on that DJ.

He was described to me by a fellow club goer as the hottest DJ in the Southern Hemisphere, and they were right, the music coming from those decks was spellbinding.

New York had Larry Levan, Chicago had Ron Hardy, and Australia has Stephen Allkins.

He has been described by Sydney music reporters over the years as 'Mr Disco', one of the true pioneers of dance music in Sydney and playing the very first disco clubs and warehouse parties from 1978, the original DJ's DJ who has seen and done it all.

History of Disco, Drop Some Drums and The Bass Has Got Me Movin' are only some of his most popular original songs.

His song Drop Some Drums (2000) was named one of the 100 best Australian dance tracks of all time.

Years later I heard Allkins had moved to the Northern Rivers and was organising dance day parties that were family-friendly in Mullumbimby, he called them My House.

Allkins is more than just a great artist, he has supported many fundraising events, particularly the popular Nudge Nudge Wink Wink events in Billinudgel, because they benefited the local community.

He started celebrating 40 years of DJ-ing at the Sydney MardiGras 2018 party last March, a celebration of 40 years of LGTBIQ rights in this country, a party Allkins has played many times and a struggle that he was also part of from 1978 and onwards.