Ballina councillor Sharon Cadwallader believes developes should be paying more in contributions.
Ballina councillor Sharon Cadwallader believes developes should be paying more in contributions.

Do you think developers are contributing enough cash?

MUCH to the delight of NSW developers, the price of contributions was capped in 2009, and it has not risen since.

Just like the cost of living, the cost of maintaining and building vital infrastructure has risen since then, and Ballina Shire councillor Sharon Cadwallader believes developers should be paying their fair share.

She brought the matter to the council meeting last week, launching a campaign that she plans to bring to the NSW Local Government Conference.

Do you think developers are paying enough?

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"It was thought at the time that the cap would help with affordable housing," Cr Cadwallader said.

"During this time, here in Ballina Shire and other coastal shires have experienced exponential growth and development with land prices having increased by figures far higher than the developer contributions component.

"This a serious burden to NSW councils that are experiencing such a surge in population growth and who are struggling to keep up with community infrastructure needed to support the increased numbers."

She said the council needed funds for projects such as the western arterial link, the duplication of River Street, Hutley Drive North extension, the reinstatement of the North Creek Bridge and upgrade of North Creek Road.

Developer contributions are capped at $20,000 for residential sites and $30,000 for greenfield sites.

If they had been indexed at 2.5 per cent yearly from 2009 to 2020 the current cap would be $26,240.

Cr Cadwallader had the full support of councillors present, and the council will write to the NSW Premier, The Minister for Planning and Local Government NSW seeking support for the annual indexation of the $20,000 and $30,000 developer contributions cap.

Council staff have also backed her bid to state government, reporting that this cap makes it increasingly difficult to deliver infrastructure associated with population growth.