The bush turkey on the Summerland Way in the drive into Kyogle.
The bush turkey on the Summerland Way in the drive into Kyogle. Marc Stapelberg

Does the Kyogle mayor like the giant bush turkey?

KYOGLE Mayor Danielle Mulholland has revealed her opinion on the area's newest addition - a 16-tonne bush turkey.

The statue is perhaps the biggest bush turkey in New South Wales and was erected on Monday on Summerland Way, just on the outskirts of town.

The 8.5m wide by 4m high bird was proud local resident John Graham's long time vision for Kyogle.

"It's definitely a statement," Cr Mulholland said.

"I think everyone has a different vision of what Kyogle is and obviously this is the Grahams' vision ... so good luck to them.

"I'm sure we can seam some things around that and we will be able to work with it."

The turkey has had a positive response on social media and according to Cr Mulholland, people had been supportive of Mr Graham's creation.

"It's only been up for a few days, so I'm sure there will be some more chatter on social media about it," she said.

"I think it shows an incredible commitment, because how many people have a vision, deliver on their vision and put their own money into it? That doesn't happen very often, does it?"

Cr Mulholland said Mr Graham did not need development approval before putting up the statue because it was classified as a piece of art.