READY TO GO: Reds skipper Kirby Sefo and Waratahs captain Emily Robinson are primed for the grand final.
READY TO GO: Reds skipper Kirby Sefo and Waratahs captain Emily Robinson are primed for the grand final. Bradley Kanaris

Dominant 'Tahs leave war of words to Queensland

QUEENSLAND fired some shots but NSW won't be returning as the Super W final between the two fierce rivals quickly approaches.

Reds fullback Sam Treherne said her team was out to avenge their round 1 loss to the Waratahs and that "NSW do act like they can come out and win every time.”

But NSW and Wallaroos forward Emily Robinson said her team wasn't interested in engaging in an off-field war of words in the build up and that they simply have belief they can get the result each time.

"I haven't seen her comments and don't read into other people's talk,” Robinson said.

"I would say that we have an attitude of trust and we trust everyone in our team to get the job done and we know we can do it.

"If you trust everyone in every aspect of the game then they're going to get the job done.

"If you don't believe you're going to win there's no point taking the field.”

The Waratahs have gone through the Super W season undefeated with the Reds getting closest to them when they went down 18-0 in the competition opener.

Only two tries have been scored against NSW all season, with the Force and Brumbies getting across the stripe once each in round 2 and 3.

Robinson said their run comes down in part to never having taken their foot off the pedal.

"A lot of things have been the backing of the success, but just knowing that we have each other's backs and we'll go until the final siren has gone,” she said.

"Also, we're not happy with complacency. Winning is good but it's how you won that really matters, so we weren't happy that WA scored a try against us, even though we won by a couple of tries.

"I guess that's the standard we've set here for the last couple of years.”

With one game left in the season, it's a final chance to showcase women's rugby and hopefully state a case for an expanded season in 2019.

"I would like to see that. I guess it's only been five rounds so the more rugby the better. Obviously there are a few challenges that come with that,” Robinson said.

"I think everybody has seen the quality of rugby and the consistency its played at.

"We'd love to see it grow and to play a full home and away would be awesome and to see it expand.”