Donald Trump praises Kim Jong-un's "talent"

DONALD Trump has said we shouldn't "underestimate" Kim Jong-un's "talent", during a political rally in Florence, South Carolina.

The Republican presidential hopeful said he had to give credit to Mr Kim for dealing with generals and maintaining control after his father's death. 

"You've got to give him credit for one thing. The guy's a young guy, he is dealing with these generals, his father dies and he maintains control. Something's going on.

"Don't underestimate a guy like that. Do not underestimate him!"

Mr Trump was, however, emphatic that he doesn't like the dictator saying that he is "a maniac perhaps".

It's not the first time Mr Trump has been praiseworthy of the North Korean dictator. In January, during a political rally in Iowa, he praised Mr Kim, saying the way he executes his political opponents shows "he's the boss".

Mr Trump has a track record of praising the leadership qualities of controversial world powers - from Vladimir Putin to the Chinese government. In August, he suggested Mr Kim might be a "genius".