Annette Sym.
Annette Sym.

Don't dish up germs

HAVE you ever become sick after eating something that was contaminated?

Food poisoning is more common than you think and not just from eating out. Our home can also be a danger zone filled with loads of germs and food that is unsuitable for consumption. A humble potato can be a life threatening food if eaten when green, for example.

Symptoms can be such as having a gastric attack, and can be even much more dangerous especially for women who are pregnant or thinking about falling pregnant.

Have you ever wondered about dented cans? The best way to tell if a can is potentially dangerous is to push on the top and bottom of the can.

If there is movement or it makes a popping sound, the seal may have broken so throw it out.

If a can is bulging, it is most likely unsafe. Also avoid cans that have been dented and have rusted, otherwise the dented can may be okay to use. Here are some other dos and don’ts:

If raw meat is slimy and smelling, throw it out. When meat or chicken has gone slimy, that is a sign of bacteria being present.

If you have frozen food that has been exposed, it will have freezer burn and will need to be thrown out.

If you have made soup or a casserole and left it in the fridge for some time, it may have gone off. A good way to know is to either taste the sauce as it will be unpleasant or you may also notice that the sauce bubbles (when it is cold). If you see the bubbles, it’s time to throw it out.

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