Back view of elementary students raising their arms on a class.
Back view of elementary students raising their arms on a class.

‘Don’t panic’ on home schooling

TEACHING children can be hard enough but it can be especially hard when you didn’t sign up for the job in the first place.

While schools are open for students with no other option, if possible students are being asked to stay home.

This has meant many parents are finding themselves in the position of having to homeschool their children in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Karen Chegwidden, president of Home Educators Australia, said parents should embrace the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to their child’s education.

“Don’t panic, you and your child are a team in this … especially when times have changed and parents are stressed, kids are stressed and we know no one learns best in those circumstances … use this time to reconnect,” Mrs Chegwidden said.

Many schools are providing online resources to maintain education during this time but Mrs Chegwidden said home learning can offer a flexible approach to education.

Organisations like Home Educators Australia are providing online resources that parents can use to help but Mrs Chegwidden said the parents situation is likely to vary person to person.

“People should do what works for them, it’s going to be different for every family,” Mrs Chegwidden said.

Correction: (3/04/20) In this article, the author said schools were closed. This is incorrect. Schools are open for students who have no alternative option.