‘Dope my brah’: Balcony murder accused’s rap videos revealed



A TEEN accused of murdering Brisbane man Cian English had an amateur rap career under the name "Kratzy".

Hayden Paul Kratzmann, 20, from Caboolture, is accused with two other men of bashing and killing Mr English, 19, on Saturday.

Hayden Kratzmann (right) starred in a series of amateur rap videos.
Hayden Kratzmann (right) starred in a series of amateur rap videos.

More than a dozen rap videos - filmed on phones - have been posted on Kratzmann's Facebook in recent years.

The video, which is called "Kratzy One Take" shows him rapping in a hoody and cap on a railway bridge.

Several more show him in a group rapping at someone's house in front of a crowd.

The videos received support from Kratzmann's mates, one of who called them "dope my brah".

Hayden Kratzmann. Picture Facebook
Hayden Kratzmann. Picture Facebook


Police will allege Mr English and a friend went to an upstairs apartment in the same block to party with a group of people, including those now charged with murder.

The group from the floor above Mr English and his friends offered to share a stash of prescription drugs before things turned sour between the groups, it has been alleged.

Police will allege that Mr English was trying to escape a violent robbery when he fell to his death.

Kratzmann allegedly held a knife to Mr English's throat before forcing him to take off his jacket.

The group of men allegedly threatened the pair, saying that they had to stay in the apartment despite them allegedly begging to leave.

Alleged murder victim Cian English (right). Picture Facebook
Alleged murder victim Cian English (right). Picture Facebook


A terrified Mr English ran toward the balcony of the unit and was chased by the men before falling to his death, police will allege.

Jason Ryan Knowles, 22, Lachlan Paul Soper-Lagas, 18, and Kratzmann were arrested on Saturday and charged on Sunday over the incident.

All three men have been charged with Mr English's murder, two counts of deprivation of liberty and two counts of robbery while armed in company.

None were able to apply for bail because of the serious ­nature of the charges.


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