Fitness instructor Darcy Cogdale smashed a man in the mouth so hard that he shattered two of the victim's teeth.
Fitness instructor Darcy Cogdale smashed a man in the mouth so hard that he shattered two of the victim's teeth.

Downfall of Insta fitness star: Bodybuilder goes to jail

JUST three weeks ago, Gold Coast Instagram hunk Darcy Cogdale was photographed for a newspaper article celebrating his new job at a gym.

On Monday, the pumped-up health and fitness nut was on his way to prison for a brutal one-punch attack on another man and for drug dealing and possession.

It is a dramatic downfall for Cogdale, who featured in an article in The Northern Star on May 30 that profiled his role as head trainer at newly opened fitness centre, F45 Training Lismore.

Cogdale pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to a raft of offences including assault causing bodily harm, possession of drugs and other charges including having a weapon.

The 24-year-old was sentenced to four years in prison but with time served, will be released in six months.

The offending happened in Cairns and Brisbane in February and May last year, the court heard.

Police found five grams of methamphetamine, around nine grams of MDMA, 21.5 grams of cocaine and more than 69 grams of testosterone and clenbuterol in Cogdale's home.

Officers also seized $4500 in cash, a knuckle duster and a small ice pipe during the February 2018 search.

The drugs and cash were related to Cogdale's commercial drug dealing enterprise but he also conceded some was for his personal use.

Around three months after the drug bust, Cogdale was in Cairns.

A night out at the Shangri-La ended in near disaster after Cogdale punched a man in the face, knocking out the victim, shattering two of the man's teeth and busting his lips.

It took more than five months and $8000 for specialist dentists to fix the man's teeth.

The victim spent a year living in fear and it was only after ongoing counselling that he was able to venture out again at night, the court heard.

At the time of the attack, Cogdale was on a suspended sentence for punching a man in 2017.

Cairns police found Cogdale in possession of methamphetamine and MDMA tablets.

"Knocking someone unconscious and smashing their teeth is pretty serious," Justice Helen Bowskill said during Cogdale's sentencing.

Justice Bowskill noted Cogdale went off the rails around five years ago when he found out his mother had cancer in her bone marrow.

He turned to drugs and alcohol, which seemed to contribute to his problem with violence.

Justice Bowskill said Gogdale copped a reality check when he spent four months on remand, during which he undertook courses in personal training and stopped his substance abuse.

Acknowledging Cogdale's completion of a drug rehabilitation program, his volunteer work with other drug users and other attempts to turn his life around, Justice Bowskill said the drug sales and the assault still warranted a decent jail term.

"Everyone has difficult and challenging things in their life - you are young so this won't be the last time you have a traumatic and difficult thing to deal with," she told him as his mother and father watched from the court gallery.

"You have really woken up to yourself as a consequence of spending that time in custody."

In a statement, the directors of F45 Lismore said they were not aware of the extent of the charges against Cogdale.

"In the directors' mind, (he) was seen as passionate, motivating and positive in all aspects and as far as they knew Mr Cogdale had a minor background, in which he informed the group he wanted to change his life around," the statement explains.

"F45 Lismore do not condone or encourage any sort of violence or criminal activity within their organisation and upon receiving this news on Sunday, June 16, Mr Cogdale was removed from the position and organisation."

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