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DPP yet to act on advice to charge Steve Cansdell with lying

AUTHORITIES are "ducking and weaving" when it comes to pursuing criminal charges against disgraced Clarence MP Steve Cansdell, says shadow Attorney-General Paul Lynch.

The Liverpool MP has challenged his political rival, NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith, to respond to the advice of retired senior barrister Bruce James that Mr Cansdell could have been charged with lying under oath.

The advice followed an independent review of the police investigation into Mr Cansdell, who resigned in 2011 when it was revealed he had lied about not being behind the wheel when his car was snapped by a speeding camera.

Charges against him were dropped when a former female staffer, who Mr Cansdell originally claimed had been driving, refused to give a statement.

During parliament question time last week Mr Cansdell asked Mr Smith when the community could expect the DPP to respond to Mr James's advice.

The official reply, which has since been placed on the record, read: "The advice from Mr James QC was unsolicited advice and, as such, it is a matter for the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions".

The DPP has confirmed he received the advice but has yet to announce whether he will act on it.