Lalika Blaser and Rosa Mordaunt promote the Healthy North Coast hub.
Lalika Blaser and Rosa Mordaunt promote the Healthy North Coast hub. Doug Eaton

‘Dr Google’ moves into our town

DOCTORS are increasingly giving second opinions to "Dr Google", says the chair of the new Healthy North Coast online hub, Dr Tony Lembke.

"That's not a bad thing ... but we want to make sure the information people access is accurate and local," he said.

Dr Lembke yesterday launched the Healthy North Coast website, which aims to do just that. It brings together reliable and up-to-date health information across various internet and social media platforms.

The online hub was launched in Ballina with the help of active youngsters from the Spaghetti Circus, who demonstrated "what it really means to be healthy".

North Coast NSW Medical Local chief executive Vahid Saberi said the hub was about providing the tools to make positive lifestyle decisions.

"We were desperately trying to find an answer to communicating this information that wasn't just another website, or Twitter account, or Facebook page," he said.

"So we were lucky enough to have a week with the head of Google International Maps, who really helped expand our horizons.

"There has been a lot of confusion for people about where they should be getting their health information.

"Now we will have one website where people can go, whether you are sick or you are healthy."

Healthy North Coast is a community of health practitioners and consumers. It also has information about gyms, healthy eating, sexual health, Aboriginal health, alcohol, mental health, exercise, immunisation, farmers' markets and much more.



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