Family and friends worked together to save young Ella Robinson's horse Buzz after he got trapped in an embankment.
Family and friends worked together to save young Ella Robinson's horse Buzz after he got trapped in an embankment. Ella Robinson

Dramatic rescue to save teenager's beloved horse

ONE teenager from Woodenbong had the fright of her life on the weekend when her horse became trapped in a hidden pond.

Ella Robinson and her two friends, Clancy and Ellie Gollan, were out on a trail ride when her horse Buzz became stuck in the water and mud.

"We hadn't been on this track before and we were walking down it and we didn't see the pond so we walked straight into it because it looked like grass,” Ella said.

"I went underneath Buzz partially and when he went to get up he stood on my shoulders to push off and got off me luckily and from there he was stuck and couldn't get out.”

The 15-year-old recalled feeling terrified as she saw Buzz laying down unable to pull himself out.

"It was the scariest moment of my life,” she said.

"I didn't know if he was okay, I couldn't see underwater so I didn't know if he has any injuries sustained in the fall.

"I've had Buzz for nearly three years now, so I care about him a lot. He is my first horse.”

Once Ella had pulled herself out of the ditch she called to her friends to get help.

"I said to my friends 'you need to go back, you need to canter back to the house, you need to get help' and then they started trotting away and I was like 'no, you need to go faster than that',” she said.

Eight friends and family members turned up to help rescue poor Buzz.

"He was in the water for about 50 minutes, luckily he remained calm so he wasn't thrashing about making himself tired or anything, so he had a lot of strength to get out,” Ella said.

"We had eight men there all together, we had one in the water making sure the ropes were in the right place then we had seven out pulling on a rope.”

The team of eight had five attempts before they freed young Buzz.

"The four times he kind of got on the bank but couldn't quite get it, in the end he got his two front feet on the bank and the men just pulled him out, he's 450kg so it was insane,” Miss Robinson said.

Ella was extremely thankful to everyone who came out to save Buzz.

"I am really appreciative for everyone who came and helped, it was such a relief when they all turned up,” she said.

"He was so tired by the end of it, the hardest thing for him was he was cold so it made it harder for him to get out because he was all stiff and sore.

"We had the vet come out and check him yesterday afternoon, he had a low temperature, a high heart rate, he was given a sedative to calm him down a bit and he has had a lot of electrolytes.

"Buzz and I are a bit bruised and battered but that's okay.”