The crash occurred in a Skoda Octavia
The crash occurred in a Skoda Octavia

Driver killed after car wouldn't stop accelerating

A DRIVER sped down a motorway at 192km/h after his cruise control locked on and prevented him from slowing or stopping, an inquest has heard.

The Dialy Mail reports Kaushal Ghandi, 32, from Middlesex in the UK, called emergency services for help getting his Skoda Octavia under control before it crashed into a parked truck, killing him instantly. 

Ghandi was on the phone for eight minutes during the ordeal, telling emergency services that the cruise control wouldn't come off and that the car would not stop accellerating. 

A recording of the panicked call was played for the coroner in Beaconsfield. 

In the recording he said: "My car is not coming out of cruise control. It is not letting me stop. It [the speedometer] shows 70mph but I think I am going much faster than this."

The call handler replied: "Can you try to control the car's speed using your gears?"
Gandhi said: "I am trying. It is not stopping at neutral."

He tried to turn off the engine before continuing: "I have kept pressing the button but all it makes is a noise, my speed is increasing.

"I think what has happened was I tried to change the mode on the car, because I was on the sports mode. I pressed a button to come onto the normal mode and then it is not allowing me to do anything."

The call handler asked if he had tried using the handbrake.

The driver said: "I haven't tried it because at this speed I am not sure what will happen. I am in the middle lane right now, there is no traffic. Do you want me to try the hand brake?"

Ghandi's Skoda then crashed into a truck parked in a lay-by on the A40.