Drivers must give cyclists one metre leeway on the roads

IN a move to encourage motorists and cyclists to play nicely, the Queensland Government is introducing a minimum distance for passing cyclists from April 7.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the two-year trial required motorists to give a minimum on metre when passing cyclists and a minimum 1.5m if the speed limit is above 60kmh.

"Tragically 13 cyclists were killed on Queensland roads in 2013, so action was needed," Mr Emerson said.

"The trial of the new rules will improve cyclists' safety and ensure there is enough space between a motorist and the rider.

"The new rules will also allow motorists to cross centre lines and painted traffic islands to pass cyclists when safe to do so."

Mr Emerson also said fines for cyclists doing the wrong thing would be increased to the same level as those imposed on motorists.

"No matter the number of wheels, whether two, four or more, the rules are the same and now the fines are too," he said.

These are the first of the Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee's 68 recommendations to be actioned.

Other recommendations are still being considered.